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Econox Production was founded in February 2013, after an 8-month study of the problems of RELAIS, its first customer.

Initially founded to sell heating systems for residential buildings, using solid fuel from recyclables, Econox quickly moved into the sector of waste collection and processing, especially for used clothing items, thus taking advantage of an opportunity it found to commercialize a product that complied with the design and security concerns of the RELAIS-EMMAUS association.

A global analysis of the French and European markets provided a prospect for quick growth and development in the used clothing recycling container market (few manufacturers in Europe and none in France), but also revealed unsolved technical problems (vandalism, design, secure locking system, etc.).

With annual sales of nearly 2 million euros in 2016 (compared to 1.6 million in 2014), day after day, Econox manufactures and develops, with support from its VSC Development company, new waste collection and storage systems.

Econox has its head office in Hellemmes-Lille (59) and its manufacturing site in Bierne (59) – 30 min from Lille, and is currently playing an increasingly larger role in the waste recycling chain.

Thus, between 2013 and 2015, Econox invented no fewer than 5 different waste collection containers:

  1. Its Bunker range
  2. The Rotating-blade Container or classic container
  3. Its voluntary paper input unit
  4. The large-format container
  5. Its ECO line, the best known of which is the “ECO Zr”

In 2016, Econox deployed:

  • Its first glass collection containers, emptied using a hook mechanism.
  • Its TRI-LIB (open recycling) container for used clothing items, in Paris
  • Its Eco S units, the latest in the ECO line
  • Its first, secure lost & found articles unit

In 2016, in partnership with Viarep, Econox came up with a collection container combining all waste flows.

Other projects are under development, with deployment planned for 2017:

  • The installation of buried columns (emptied by extraction): 2nd semester of 2017
  • The design and manufacture of secure storage containers for medical waste products
  • The installation of a recycling sorting line
  • The installation of PPE (personal protective equipment) containers.
  • The installation of 770-litre plastic container shelter “islands”, with special thought to incorporating them into urban landscapes (test phase)


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