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The classic range (simple roll, double roll)

This range has been designed to overcome the maintenance problems of containers.

Each terminal is assembled by means of stainless steel rivets, ensuring an easy removability of each element that makes up our containers.

The door, handle, rotor or blade drum can be replaced in situ.

The sides, top, bottom are replaceable with a drill and riveter.

Made of 1.25 mm or 1 mm thick steel, our elements are covered with an epoxy powder paint guaranteeing an optimal maintenance in the time.

A primer peinture can additionally be applied as an option to increase the life of the container.

An anti-rain feature is recommended to limit the ingress of rainwater that may deteriorate the contents.

The closing is done by means of a circular padlock of diameter 70mm declinable in varied or partially opening. Different models are available: Classic, Large Format (3.6 m3), Introduction Mouth (500 mm or 1050 mm), Rotor 4 blades single or with separation.

Two types of handles are available: rectangular handle or retractable handle

The european range Eco (Eco ZR/Eco S)

Econox created the container « ECO ZR » in order to provide a collection tool that avoids the intrusion of people of small sizes, faced with security problems, mainly in very urban areas.

Designed from galvanized steel sheet 1.25 mm thick compared to 1 mm for these main competitors, this container has an innovative filling mode thanks to its horizontal filling.

Its patented locking system also has a real interest in the operation of its customers: It avoids the « breakage » of padlocks and the picking of the lock by the existence of a specific box called « box 2900 ».

Designed as a piece of furniture in kit, its assembly is made by stainless steel rivet, the Eco Zr is the guarantee of a maintenance facilitated and a durability in time. The Epoxy paint used in its process is also assured of its maintenance over time.

With a capacity of 2.2 m3 for a weight of 160 kg, its design is without doubt pleasant.

Available in multiple colors, it can be optionally equipped with a padlock bracket on the front.

The safe range (Mini; Demi ; Bunker)

As a continuation of our « kit » process, and in view of the problems encountered in the waste collection centers and the operating constraints related to their repair and maintenance, this range of containers has been designed to combat the phenomenon of night visiting centers.

Sorting or recycling.

Made in galvanized steel sheet, the range is available in 2 m3, 4 m3 and 8 m3.

Assembled with head screws H M 10, its access door, for the 4m3 and 8m3 versions, is displaceable to better integrate with the constraints of location imposed by the communities or private.

The thickness of the electro-galvanized steel sheet (3 mm), the 3-point steel closure of 16 mm diameter and the closing system by a 90 mm brass body shielded lock with steel cased shielding, impose respect by dissuading the curious to try to open

Height: 2090 mm
Width: 1170 mm
Depth: 1120 mm
Height of door: 1120 mm
Mouth opening: 345 mm
Sheet Thickness: 2.5 mm
Assembly of the parts using stainless steel screws and rivets.
Removable door and rotor on site
Removable workshop panels
Empty weight: 225 kg.
Powder coating.
Rectangular padlock
Height: 2109 mm
Width: 1039 mm
Depth: 2034 mm
Door width: 738 mm
Loading by blade roller
Painted interior floor
Exterior painted
Displaceable door .
« Inside » closure by padlock (unlike an external .padlock)
Difficulty of access to shear the padlock.
Thickness of sheet 2.5 mm.
Door frame and door replaceable
Height: 2108 mm
Width: 2034 mm
Length: 2034 mm
Door width: 737 mm
Loading by roller x 2
Painted interior floor
Exterior painted
Displaceable door
« Inside » closure by padlock (unlike an external padlock).
Difficulty of access to shear the padlock.
Sheet Thickness: 2.5 mm
Door frame and door replaceable in situ (removable)
2 rollers with 4 blades.
Capacity: 8 m3
Curb weight: 900 kg

Accessories (Process trolleys and containers; padlock)

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